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Richard Peace (Peacey)

Music Producer, Artist, Atjazz record company, born in the Midlands now residing in Edinburgh

Cable quality is everything.

I’ve always been a bit tight when it comes to studio cabling. A bit silly, really, as you pay all this money for expensive gear but then go cheap when it comes to cabling up.

I’ve had many issues with earth noises and hums, which I have been trying to tackle.

I had an overbearing noise issue with one of my Sequential Prophet Synths which I decided to talk to @gillmanaudio about.

They hooked me up! Spending a little bit more money on quality cabling and the correct configuration from @gillmanaudio has pretty much eradicated all unwanted noise from the signal path. It’s never sounded so good compared to the “Amazon special price” stuff.

Peacey, British DJ and Producer



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