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Gillman Services

Bespoke audio cables

If you're not finding the pure sound you're craving, it could be down to the cables.

Connecting your systems using high-quality cabling makes a huge difference.

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Many invest in high-quality, expensive equipment for their studios, DJ sets ups, live shows, etc. But sadly, they never get the best sound quality out of their investment as they connect things up with inferior sub-optimal cabling.


At Gillman Audio, we want to help you get the best sound from your audio equipment.


We take time to understand the needs of each customer; all audio setups are different; we try our best to identify how we can help improve your sound by delivering tailor-made cables and set-up advice.


We are confident we can make a difference to your sound; please get in touch.


Your ears will thank you.

Arteries and Veins for your sound 

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