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Pat Bedeau (Bedfunk)

Grenadian-born DJ, Producer and Bedfunk label owner Pat Bedeau has played alongside DJ’s that include King Britt, Mr C, Neil Pierce, Seb Fontaine, Phil Asher, Wookie, Sean McCabe, Miguel Miggs, Booker T, Deep City Soul, DJ Romain, Atjazz, Graeme Park & Grant Nelson to name but a few.

The cable looks amazing, but more importantly sounds it

Lollipop custom cables, the volume has doubled from my lollipop headphone after fitting my new Gilman audio cables; I was not expecting that, combined with extra clarity, its a vast improvement, which now means I can turn the volume down and hear the mix clearly.

Nearfield monitor cables, after fitting my new Gillman Audio cables to my Dynaudio studio monitors, I immediately felt the sound was more open. The monitors felt closer to me. The sound was more precise in all frequencies.

You've heard the adage that a workman is only as good as his tools; well, Gillman audio cables give you that edge!

As a DJ, I can safely say the Gilman audio systems I have played on are my favourite. As a music connoisseur for over 35 years, I have heard some great sound systems, but none touch a Gillman Audio system. Hands down the best out there.

Pat Bedeau British DJ and Producer



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