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Native Transmissions

Native Transmissions is the alias and record label of Lee Dearn, a producer and DJ from Birmingham.

'Choosing to upgrade my cables with Gillman Audio was an easy decision'

Gillman Audio's reputation as a supplier of impeccable sound systems combined with its passion for perfect sound quality made my cable upgrade decisions easy. They even offered a full refund if I couldn't hear any improvements.

To say I was impressed with the difference between my standard cables to my reference grade Gillman Audio ones would be an understatement.

These cables not only provided so much extra detail in the top end and low end, they also gave me the confidence that I am hearing the most accurate representation of my tracks.

The finishing touch with personalized branding truly sets them apart from your everyday cables.

I have learned that working with off-the-shelf cables is like working in the dark.

You will not be disappointed by buying Gillman Audio cables"

Lee Dearn Native Transmissions



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