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DJ Spoony

We had the privilege of working with DJ Spoony at the Vocal Booth weekender in Spain in 2014.

Good music gives me inspiration to play but a great sound-system absolutely inspires me.

"I'm very fortunate that I get the travel the world doing what I love, playing music and making people dance. I started DJing many moons ago and something still look forward to is playing a great sound system. Throughout my career I’ve played at some amazing venues and some ‘proper’ sound systems but one that I always remember was the Gillman Audio set at Vocal Booth 2014.

When you stand in the booth before you start and the monitors are at a great height and you can control the levels, I always feel at one with the system.

From the moment I put on the first record, I knew I could rely on Gillman’s set to give me the clarity without pushing it into the red. The bass was round, mids clear and tops sharp. It was a joy to play on.

The only downside to this great system is that I don't get to play on it every week.

Good luck Gillman. Without a doubt, one of the best".

DJ Spoony, The Dreem Team & BBC Radio 1 & Radio 2 DJ



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