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PRIME 13 is the largest member of SCHERTLER’s high-quality compact mixer family. The 13-channel audio mixer is an ideal solution for smaller theaters and performance venues, houses of worship, rehearsal rooms and recording/project studios, where excellent sound quality is required but space is more limited. A practical number of inputs will neatly accommodate a range of performers without leaving wasted channels and unused aux sends.


The PRIME 13 package includes the mixer and power supply. Available with either black metal or wooden side panels. 



  • PRIME 13 is based on the same technology used in SCHERTLER’s flagship ARTHUR FORMAT 48 mixer, guaranteeing best possible sound quality. The same high-quality preamps are found on the input channels, the same hi-voltage (48V) power supply offers superior headroom, and the same No Negative Feedback structure gives a fast response and natural attack. Input and output channels contain all the essential elements you would expect from a professional mixer. Compact dimensions make the PRIME 13 very easy to transport and quick to set up.

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