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MIC IN ULN (Ultra Low Noise) is the ideal microphone input for professional studio recording, or for high-quality recording/mixing during film or video production.

ARTHUR FORMAT 48 is a modular mixer that can be designed and built by the user. Offering an unparalleled degree of flexibility, this mixer has already become a firm favourite with a number of leading artists and engineers.

Different modules can be combined in virtually any order and quantity in just a few minutes. These contain all the standard features you would expect to find on other mixer channel strips, as well as more innovative functions for enhancing workflow and ensuring the best possible sound quality.

ARTHUR’s electronic design features a complete absence of Negative Feedback from input to output, resulting in ultra-fast response and natural attack. Circuits are built using single, discrete Class-A electronic components and pure high-voltage DC amps (with no capacitors in the signal path), offering 30dB headroom and low noise, as well as unparalleled stability, warmth and transparency.

Once the mixer is built, the unit sequence can still be customised, and further modules can be added as required.

Arthur format 48 Microphone Input module

  •   MIC IN ULN
    Weight 0.5 kg
    Dimensions (LxDxH) 3.6 x 5.8 x 47.5 cm
    Construction Anodized aluminium assembled box
    Total gain 72 dBu
    Pad (attenuation) 22 dB
    Max input level +4 dBu (low mode), -+26 dBu (high mode)
    Mic In connector XLR
    Mic In sensitivity -60 to -18 dBu (low mode), -20 to +9 dBu (high mode)
    Mic In impedance 4.7 kΩ
    Instrument In connector n.a.
    Instrument In sensitivity n.a.
    Instrument In impedance n.a.
    Line In connector n.a.
    Line In sensitivity n.a.
    Line In impedance n.a.
    Main Out connector through LR master module
    Main Out level max (@1 kHz, THD <0.5%) +30 dBu 
    Maximum output level 31 dBu
    Main Out impedance n.a.
    Main Out freq. response 16 Hz to 125 kHz
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